I empower people to move forward.

Learn how to remove energy blocks that are stopping you to live an extraordinary life.

I work facilitating lifestyle changes and spiritual growth.

Transform yourself and the world around you.

I motivate people to make healthier choices and let go all sorts of toxicity, that can be caused by food, relationships or lack of fulfilment.

I hope my ability to move on will give you confidence to move forward with your life!

It's going to be a fun and exciting  journey ! The only commitment I ask you to make is with HAPPINESS.

How does it work? 

First you tell me what aspects of your life you would like to enhance: Body, Mind, Spirit.

Then my Supercharged Friend we decide together what program would be most beneficial for you.

There is nothing more rewarding for me than being able to help, so please don't be shy, drop me an email and let me know how I can be of service.

I have also developed workshops and talks for groups and business.

Are you Supercharged? Get in touch



"Natalia has an infectious energy. Her calm, positive but most importantly kind nature permeates everything she does - you just gravitate to her.
She patiently sits with me and helps me talk through the feelings always suggesting another way when I insist here isn't. She softly urges me to be open to the alternatives, to shift my language, Whether it's as simple as a warm bath or a more in depth life audit, she's armed with solutions." L.B

"With Natalia it's a dialogue. You don't have some self righteous person telling you to do empty mantras. She tailors her approach to your needs. I always feel valued and heard which in turn motivates me to show myself the same kindness. She's so invested in you it becomes so hard not to action change, if for no other reason than not to let her down! Her belief in my self worth has truly allowed me to appreciate my own value." B.B.

" I can't say I don't fall into the same patterns of behaviours any more, but with Natalia's help I now have the tools to manage my mindset. I am so grateful to have met her, she's changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to implement meaningful and positive change in their lives." M.C

And of course my credentials:

Having spent over 10 years working across the Luxury Industry between my home of Brazil and London, I made the decision to follow my passion and turn my attention to Mindfulness.  I am a true believer that Health is our most treasured possession, and something that we all need to give more time to. 

I went from being a PR Director to become a student in Nutrition & Spiritual Pratices, both subjects where you never stop learning!

I managed to build a successful career in Communications in a country where I arrived without speaking the language - and have not quite mastered it yet!

Now, I am a Life Enhancer & Health Educator and my mission is to inspire Health beyond appearance, and Wellbeing beyond your Being.

I work with likeminded businesses supporting their message and with people guiding them to a positively charged life.

I have always been a fitness addict, hungry for Nutrition and Self-development, but now I am a story-teller who has the credentials as a Hippocrates Certificated Health Educator, LVMH Leadership Program Graduate and Biomedicine student at the College of Naturopath in London.  

A small change will make a world of difference, you just have to start!

I am excited to hear from you.

Na+ Positively Charged

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