Small Steps, Big Change: YOGA

No other activity gives me the feel good factor as practicing yoga. I enjoy running, cycling, swimming, working out, lifting weights, but a Vinyasa class  keeps my body and mind flowing, amongst many other benefits.

 Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

I hope the following list on how yoga has changed my life will encourage you to give it a go:

1.Improves Balance

Yoga changeling poses improve your physical balance and also help you coping with the things in life that take your stability. That is why “when in doubt go to yoga!”

2. Enhances Focus

It is impossible to do a head stand if you are not concentrated and have absolute control of what you are doing. That awareness brings focus which is transferable to your day-to-day and consequently makes you a more productive person. Focus on what matters and eliminate the unnecessary.

3. Increases Flexibility

“The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists”. Stretching your body is crucial to keep it healthy and strong. Also the ability to be ready and able to change so as to adapt to different circumstances is a valuable skill in life.

4.Builds Strength

Powerful muscles not only gives you a beautiful body, but also the confidence to lift problems out of the way and the certainty that you can do it.

5.Makes you Relaxed and Happy

“I only came for the Shavasana”. This is the final pose at the end of a class that is designed to calm down your nervous system. The “take it easy” feeling reduces anger by increasing feelings of compassion, ability to step back from the drama and remain steady in the face of unsettling events. 

I could list many more like it encourages self- care, boosts self-esteem, makes you a more conscious human-being, etc… In a nut shell I would simplify saying that it is an extraordinary tool for personal growth and for that I thankful to my awesome  Yoga Instructors Julie Montagu, Celest Pereira and Michael Bartelle.